Registered General Nurse Jobs

Registered General Nurses require education and training in order to fulfil the responsibilities of the position. There are specific steps that you will need to take if you want to become an RGN and reap the benefits of this exciting career path.

If you are interested in becoming an RGN and are uncertain about where to start, then it is important to plan your next steps carefully. By learning more about the career trajectory and how best to find RGN nurse jobs once you have completed your education, you will be able to navigate your way through.

To this end, let’s look at the specific steps involved in becoming a Registered General Nurse and at some of the most effective ways to find RGN nurse jobs.

Starting Out With The Right Education

The daily tasks and responsibilities of a Registered General Nurse require specialised training and education. If you want to find RGN nurse jobs, you will need to start out by acquiring the right educational qualifications. Broadly, nurses in the UK can specialise in four specialities: Adult, Child, Mental Health or Learning Disability. Depending on your interests, a particular career track may suit you better than the others. However, the term RGN is typically used to describe those nurses who specialise in Adult care.

The education of an RGN involves completing a standard nursing degree. Entry into these programs at universities and training institutes throughout the country is competitive. While the precise entry requirements will differ depending on the institution that you are applying to, prospective RGNs will typically need to excel in their prior studies to be admitted. This typically includes five GCSEs plus two A-levels. If it has been some time since you have studied and you are returning to study as a mature student, then alternative entry requirements may be outlined for your case. Since nurses need to be trustworthy and upstanding people, it is also necessary to have a clear criminal record to apply.

It is important to highlight that half of the training for becoming a nurse is composed of supervised practicums. This involves actually working in a hands-on way in hospitals or community clinics. These practical placements are the best way to learn the actual skills required for becoming a nurse and for developing the experience that you will need when you are looking for RGN nurse jobs.

If you want to make yourself more competitive as a nursing candidate, you may also consider acquiring a Master’s degree after your initial studies. Higher-level and more highly compensated nursing positions will typically require such a degree. This extra education will also allow you to advance your understanding of the nursing field to be more effective on the job.

Know What An RGN Nurse Job Entails

Having a better sense of what the daily responsibilities of an RGN are will help you decide whether or not this is the best career for you. In this regard, the work involved in the life of an RGN will depend on your specialisation and interests. Many nurses work within the context of a hospital which could involve working in any number of departments or specialisations. However, other nurses opt for working in community settings, including prisons or schools.

As your career advances and you become more experienced, you may also decide to branch out and take on a more educational role as an RGN. Teaching your skills to future generations of nurses can be an interesting part of the RGN career trajectory. In fact, agency nursing is an increasingly attractive option for RGNs. With competitive compensation and greater flexibility, agency nursing will allow you to try out a variety of nursing positions and roles in different institutions. This can help you to have a better sense of where you want to work in the long-term.

Searching For RGN Nurse Jobs

If you are thinking about starting down the path to become a Registered General Nurse or you are actively searching for RGN nurse jobs, then follow the steps outlined here and you will be on your way. To start looking for an RGN nursing job, you can usually apply directly to open positions at hospitals or medical facilities.

However, many RGN nurse jobs are also regularly available through nursing recruitment agencies. If you are just starting out in an RGN nurse job or if you want to have the flexibility of working outside of the structure of shift work, then looking for temporary or semi-permanent nursing positions through these agencies is the best option.

Nursing is a highly flexible and transferable skill that will also be useful if you ever want to work abroad. While working in the UK as an RGN is a great option (because the demand for nurses is expected to be high), there is a lot of potential for nurses to explore the world while working in a different country. The skills of an RGN are valuable just about everywhere around the world.

Start A New And Exciting Career

RGN nurse jobs are highly rewarding and fulfilling career options. Whether you are starting out as a prospective young professional or hoping to change careers as a mature student, there has never been a better time than the present to enter the nursing field. Following the steps outlined here and your path to becoming a fully-fledged RGN will be easy to navigate. With the demand for nurses expected to be high for the coming years, RGN nurse jobs are an excellent prospect.