Nursing Jobs From Next Step Nursing

As an experienced nurse or as a health care manager who is seeking to fill a vacancy, it can be difficult to sort through all of the available job openings or to find the type of working schedule that you are looking for. As a national recruitment agency, Next Step Nursing provides an efficient means of matching experienced nurses with employers who need them. We currently maintain a database of more than six thousand qualified nurses (both RGN and RMN) and Health Care Assistants to fill vacancies for clients throughout the country.

To provide you with a better sense of what Next Step Nursing can do to propel your nursing career or fill your nursing job vacancies with experienced professionals, let’s look at what services and information we provide:

Join Our Database

Professional and experienced nurses of all grades and experience can register to join our digital database. Applying to this pool is completely free of charge and, by joining this talent pool, our dedicated consultants will be able to match you with the type of work and the type of employer that you are looking for. Next Step Nursing also has registration offices located throughout the country.

The Recruitment Process

Once you have registered with our database, we require each nursing professional to complete our comprehensive recruitment process. This is to ensure that the stringent compliance standards that we have established are maintained by all. Nurses who complete the process will be familiarised with the work of Next Step Nurses through an initial induction period. Following this introductory stage, we provide each qualified nursing professional with everything they need to get started including a Next Step Nursing uniform, an identification badge, and easy-to-use timesheets.

Employment Location

When you are ready to work, our team will always offer you the work closest to your current location. Although the healthcare industry is often unpredictable, we always do our best to notify you of any shifts well in advance. Our service operates twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, and our recruiters keep a close eye on the current situation to stay on top of any changes in the demand for nursing jobs.

Looking After Your Needs

As an employer, our dedicated consultants will work to understand your specific staffing requirements. By learning more about your unique needs and the demands of your facility, we are able to locate the most suitable members of our talent pool for the position and fill your vacancy in the shortest possible time. This includes both last-minute requests (in the case of employee sickness, shortages, or annual leave) or more permanent positions.

Our database offers rapid access to a wide range of talented nurses throughout the country. Given the fast-paced and dynamic nature of staffing nursing jobs, this database allows us to search by grade, speciality, location, and specific skills and experience to determine who is best suited for your position.

Search Our Nursing Jobs Board

If you are looking for nursing jobs as an experienced nurse, the Next Step Nursing website also hosts an easily searchable jobs board. We provide extensive listings for both permanent and temporary nursing positions located throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Whether you are looking for permanent job opportunities or flexible day-by-day shifts, there are many different options to choose from. You can easily choose from any type of shift structure that works for you and also select a location of your choice. Whether you want to work near your current location or are planning a relocation, there will be options available on our job board.

Fair Compensation

Nursing jobs in the healthcare field are difficult and often stressful. As such, the team at Next Step Nursing strives to treat all candidates as partners. In this regard, we ensure that all of our nurses receive fair compensation for their work. Rates of pay differ depending on particular assignments and on the location of the position. However, we are also aware of the competitive marketplace for highly qualified and experienced nurses. Our team strives to ensure that this experience is compensated appropriately.

Professional Accreditation

Next Step Nursing is an approved national framework supplier and meets the standards set by the Care Quality Commission, Recruitment Employment Confederation, the NHS employment checks, and national framework agreements. We follow all required clinical governance regulations and ensure that we consistently go over and above our clients’ expectations.

Industry Experts At Next Step Nursing

Each member of our recruiting team has long-standing experience in the industry. When you choose to work with us or trust us with your staffing needs, you can be confident that you are working with a premier recruiting service that has an established reputation in the healthcare industry. As a whole, Next Step Nursing is also passionate about maintaining a high standard of professional service. Every aspect of the process, from the functionality of our website to finding the right person to fill every position, is done with efficiency and precision.

Based on the outlook for nursing jobs in the United Kingdom, and the current surge in demand for healthcare professionals of all types amid the current global pandemic, Next Step Nursing strives to ensure that the national healthcare system is staffed by the best people. We are proud to play an instrumental part in the healthcare industry through effectively filling this demand for nursing jobs, as it is critical that professionals and health care providers are able to quickly find the right match when it comes to filling vacancies.